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"And, like all good ideas, it was deceptively simple."

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Road Map 

Resource Destination



Our human and economic resources will be dedicated in 60% of its capacity to develop innovation through client projects from 2010 to 2014, moment when we expect to reduce it to 50%, giving more space to Health Innovation.


Education of the team is essential. In this sense we expect to use 35% of the resources on 2010 for the staff's education. We expect that our professionals study whatever is of their real interests, in world class institutions. We do not expect our team members to study what is fancy according to the standards or what brings more money. We are sure that in the innovation business, if you have the chance to study what is your real passion, at the end it will always make "click" with the best creative ideas and solutions. On the following years the Education portion will be reduced in order to give a space to our Health Innovation interests. New staff will travel a similar but lagged Road Map.


As a team we are interested in attacking three specific health issues since persons very near to us need that kind of solutions. We hope we can get the chance on 2016 of not only having provided financial support (through our direct economic resources and/or helping promote funding instances) to specialized institutions who make research on these matters, but also give innovative highlights from what we already know from our experience and from what we can learn on the Road Map years.

The three health conditions of our interest are:


Polycystic Kidney Disease

Macular Degeneration of the Retina

Silver Russel Syndrome


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