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+ What we do

Emmakor is a group of professionals who are permanently working on new and innovative solutions to a variety of challenges. From operational research to logistics, from financial optimization to specific technical solutions. We believe in open minded innovation and creative thinking as the most effective way of seeking solutions of very eclectic challenges.

We give down to earth, affordable and executable solutions. The result of our work is not a 200 page booklet for your shelf; it is a working solution that really is a breakthrough to the proposed challenge.

Kind of solutions we have worked in recently:

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 <link to the Big Finger Keyboard page>

+ Imagine typing swiftly on a touch screen smart phone. Because the keys on todays devices are very small, we developed the Big Finger Keyboard, available for the iPhone.

+ Imagine a supermarket with no shopping carts, but still if you want to take one and do it the old way you can. We are working with this retail firm, our client, on the patent issues because we do not want to receive the credits alone. We are also planning when it will be the best moment for constructing the first supermarket with this technology.

+ Imagine you can double your net income by identifying properly which clients destroy value. We outsourced this solution for another consultancy, finding an opportunity of more than US 5 million for a brokerage firm whose net income was similar.

+ Imagine a very simple and handy device to check if your baby is breathing correctly without waking him up. A major baby product manufacturer studied it within a pool of other solutions. In the short term we are working on the patent issues.